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It’s that time of the year again and whether you’re getting your booklist sorted for heading back to school or looking out for some awesome summer reading, before you head out to Whitcoull’s or Borders try searching GoodBooksNZ.co.nz. Good Books is an online bookshop run by the charity Oxfam, which works against poverty and inequality in communities in over 100 countries around the world.

I’ve been using Good Books to order some of the novels that I plan to use for my uni studies this year, and I’ve found that not only is their selection as good, sometimes better, than that of Borders and Whitcoull’s, but their prices are much cheaper. The site’s really easy to use, with just one field to use to search by title, ISBN or author, and I actually found their ‘Tips’ section handy when I got stuck once.

 Every time anyone buys a book through the Good Books website, 100% of the retail profit from every sale goes to support communities in need through Oxfam projects.

I really like the feel of the site and having everything in NZ$ is really nice. Plus it’s nice knowing that you’re helping a good cause, by doing something you have to do anyway, and probably for a better price than you would’ve got it otherwise. Delivery is free and the only downside is that you’ll have to wait 7-14 working days for delivery (from either the UK, US or Germany), however this is pretty much the same as Whitcoull’s, which has a delivery time of 10-12 days.

No one at Good Books is paid and we have zero operating costs. All time, professional services and resources are donated.

So next time you need a novel, non-fiction book, audiobook, or even a music CD, check out GoodBooksNZ.co.nz first. And if you’re not in NZ, they deliver worldwide. So go for it!
 I hear that Oxfam have actual stores in some countries – in fact in the UK Oxfam’s secondhand book stores are doing so well that according to The Guardian they’re now the largest retailer of secondhand books in the UK! Interestingly, in that some article in The Guardian the chairman of a booksellers association complained

Oxfam is a worthwhile cause but they are now acting more like a business than a charity and that is a concern.

While as a rival bookseller I can see why he’s worried, I can’t help thinking that in this commercial world we need more charities “acting more like a business”, since that’s how real, sustainable change will be achieved, and networks established that will go some way to reversing the inequality in our current economic system.

Rather than fight a system that privileges a few over many, we wanted to transform it from within to constructive effect. Now, each time you buy a book through us you challenge traditional barriers that prevent commercial involvement in reducing poverty.

*All GoodBooks quotes were taken from their website.

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The Song of the WeekSong: Blue Skies
Artist/Group: The Feelers

The Feelers are a kiwi rock band that have been around for a while now, and have some great songs. Blue Skies came out this summer and although I wasn’t a huge fan at first, it’s really grown on me and since it’s on the radio all the time it’s definately come to represent the summer of ’09 for me (even though we haven’t seen as many blue skies as usual, yet!).

You’re lookin’ outta your mind’s eye
And pretty soon you will realise
There’s nothin’ like takin’ the long way home
To finally see the light

 I really like the laidback feel of this song, and also the extra element that the polynesian drums bring in. It sounds really genuine and fun and – summery!

Blue skies
Take me away
Blue skies
Just a moment away

You can listen to the song in their new video on Youtube – filmed in Raro, it’s pretty cool. The beginning reminds me of the MV for I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. And yup, that’s Andy from Zed in the vid too 😀

Thanks NZ on Air!

The Feelers

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So how’s your day been? Anything great happen? If so, why not share it with the world! ItMadeMyDay.com is a website where people post things that made their day. Some of them are funny, cynical, cute or pensive.

Super butch looking man in an Audi sitting outside my
office singing to Single Ladies. IMMD

You can also rate entries on the site, check out the new ‘Hall of Fame’ for most popular posts, and share entries on Facebook or Twitter. I like the way that the posts remind you that life has it’s good times, and it’s nice getting a glimpse of a warm, bizzare or euphoric moment in someone else’s life.

Today I was not feeling well, and while lying on my recliner, all three of my dogs came and laid on me and took a nap. IMMD.

Now I’ve just gotta wait for life to serve me up an awesome moment so that I can post my own “little moment of win”! 😀


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