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Two days ago a woman in Huangzhou, Wu Juping, was alerted by cries and ran to a nearby apartment building. Seeing a toddler dangling from the 10th floor she positioned herself and managed to catch the girl when she fell. From the force of the long drop and the impact of being caught the baby suffered internal injuries and in catching her Juping’s arm was broken.

That women is a hero! Imagine the horror of watching the baby dangling, but also the terror of readying yourself for the impact as she fell. That’d be really scary.

Juping said it was her “mother’s instinct” which made her do it – she has a seven month old son herself. Motherhood is crazy. All mothers were once “just” women, teenagers, children themselves. But something happens when you have a baby, doesn’t it? Something intense. Mothers rock.

Wu Juping in the hospital with her son. (Photo: Xinhua)

Wu Juping in the hospital with her son. (Photo: Xinhua)

Picture from China Daily

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