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So yesterday was my Chinese test. And I really meant to study! I even stayed at uni for the 3 hours between my classes and my test… but it was not meant to be. Luckily my friend 爱马 was with me too, so we procrastinated together. We ate yummy wedges and she asked me how to make an origami crane, so I showed her, and I think that’s the reason why when I got home tonight all I wanted to do was fold cranes. So after bf’s delicious dinner I sat on his bed and watched the Top Chef final, and then Terminator 3 (for lack of anything better) and the news. I at least got a little bit done before I got too tired 😛

Also- Yuka e-mailed me back and I was right about “せんばづる”! “Senbazuru” (or 千羽鶴 in kanji) means 1,000 cranes in Japanese.

I think I worked out that last night I folded 27.5 cranes, found an extra 3 and then wrote 80 sheets of paper (from the Psalms, e.g. 145, 146). So after last night, here’s my

Progress Report: 

  • I still have 7 strings hanging on my wall (280 cranes)
  • I now have 83 cranes lying on the shelf made, but not strung
  • 80 squares written on, ready to be folded
  • 1 set of papers ready to be written on


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Senbazuru IV: The Beginning

Right. As of today, I will provide updates on the progress of my 4th senbazuru. It probably won’t happen very often, as I don’t do them that much – only when I have about 100 other things I should be urgently doing. As I have a 4,000 word essay due on Monday which I have yet to begin, I figure now is the perfect time to write my first update 😛

 First, let me explain how I make a string:

1. The paper is part of a kit from the online Japanese Paper and Origami Supplies store, and it comes in several wee cubes, like this:

2. I take out each individual shade and make up sets in the same colours as the final string will have – 2 of each shade, from dark purple through to light pink. I put them in a big bulldog clip seperated by sheets of white

3. Then I write on the back of each one. If it’s lots of lines from the same passage (e.g. ‘Psalm 32’), I try to keep them in the right order.

4. Next I fold the cranes… pretty straight forward.

5. Lastly, I string them together (in order! That was very sad for me once 😛 )

It sounds like a lot of work, but I never do it all at once. If there’s a movie on TV I might fold a whole lot of cranes, and one afternoon if I’m bored I might sort out a few more piles of the right colours.

So, Progress Report:

  • I currently have 7 completed strings hanging on my wall (that’s 280 cranes)
  • 55.5 cranes lying on a shelf made but not strung (that’s right, I left one half done 😛 )
  • 24 squares written on, ready to be folded
  • And 3 sets of papers ready to be written on


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