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Song: Don’t Look Back in Anger
Artsit/Group: Oasis

Yes, I too think the opening bars of this song are a shameless ripoff from Imagine. And what’s with the Beatles glasses in the vid? I like to think of it as a tribute.

I got this tape in the United States that had apparently been burgled from the Dakota Hotel and someone had found these cassettes. Lennon was starting to record his memoirs on tape. He’s going on about ‘trying to start a revolution from me bed, because they said the brains I had went to my head.’ I thought ‘Thank you, I’ll take that’!
                                                        – Noel Gallagher, Oasis

I love this song because it feels oldschool. First released in 1995, I first listened to it when I was too young to listen to the lyrics or care who sang it. Now it feels like a rocky pop-song that’s trying come off as deep, but is really just awesome for chilling out.

Slip inside the eye of your mind
Don’t you know you might find
A better place to play

Sometimes after too much American pop, it’s nice to get back to some britpoprock. It’s comfy, and easy to listen to. And it feels familiar. Like an old falling-apart sofa that’s been sitting on your porch forever.

So Sally can wait, she knows it’s too late
As she’s walking on by
Her soul slides away, but don’t look back in anger
I heard you say

I’m not a huge Oasis fan. I just don’t even know many of their songs. I’m not sure they’re the huge revolution that everyone seems to think they are, but I think they’ve got a pretty cool sound — no matter what shenannigans they might get up to.

I don’t actually know anybody called Sally. It’s just a word that fitted, y’know, might as well throw a girl’s name in there. It’s gotta guarantee somebody a shag off a bird called Sally, hasn’t it?
                                  – Noel Gallagher, Oasis

You can watch the US version of the song’s MV on YouTube, and look at the song’s lyrics here.

(The lyrics link is to a fresh-lyrics.com page – pop ad and not sure how accurate the lyrics are in some places). Noel Gallagher quotes used here are from wikipedia (and are therefore 100% guaranteed legit. Owait. They’re not).


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Being a woman

Being drafted

Losing my lining

Fighting the scarlet crusade

CSI: Vagina

I’m a Potential Murder Suspect (PMS)

On my moon

My cup runneth over

Trollin’ for vampires

Sitting on a nice merlot

Leak week

Going through a detrital phase

Being visited by Aunt Flo, Uncle Red, Cousin TOM (Time Of the Month) and Gramps.

With Moses

On the bus (Bleeding Uterus Syndrome)

Not praying

Rebooting the Ovarian Operating System

Reasserting my femininity

Being visited by the red bird of bitchiness

Over The Rainbow (On The Rag)

Shark Week

My vagina is emo (it’s so desperate for attention, it’s bleeding)

T-minus 9 months and holding

Visited by the red fairy

Flying Bravo

Bleeding the lining of my uterus through my sexual organs in a very painful way


Do you ever find yourself with a series of browser tabs open on a range of fascinating topics with absolutely no clue of how you got there? Clearly, I do. The above are some of my faves of the myriad euphamisms I found on the interwebs for having your period (in case you hadn’t figured it out by now) (If you hadn’t, I’m not judging you).

Some of them I find to be hilarious, others painfully realistic. But the overall response I had to the whole thing was: why do we have so many euphamisms? Is something that half of the people on earth experience for 1 out of every four weeks for most of their life really that taboo that we have to invent code words just to explain why we can’t go to the pool on Thursday?

That’s a bit scary, isn’t it?

I mean, we think we’re all modern and that but heaps of women still need code words to ask their husband to put tampons on the shopping list. Really? Teaching new generations to be ashamed of something it is natural and healthy for them to do and that they have no control over? Really? Do not make me give you the “being a potential childbearer is a powerful and treasured thing and womyn should be revered” speech. ‘Cause I will!

Obviously, some of them are just for fun. For example, I can’t wait for someone to ask me why I’m slow/emotional/leaning against something/can’t make it to Zumba next time I have my period. For the answer shall be “CSI:Vagina”*.

That’s similar to another fave of mine (and something which may have originally prompted my menstruation-related brower tab); No Strings Attached was a pale flop of a movie for me, despite performances by both the resplendent Natalie Portman and the wonderful Greta Gerwig. However. As many have noted there was one awesome scene. That’s right. The period scene.

Adam breaks the “friends with benefits” code by visiting Emma when she (and her two flatmates) are sick at home with their periods. He brings donuts and a frank, overly-caring sympathy for their condition. The scene is both awesome and hilarious because periods just aren’t like that. Periods gross guys out. And/or embarrass them**, and girls are often so ashamed of them they’re wary of any guy who is curious/sympathetic.

It’s here that Greta Gerwig as Emma’s friend Patrice, while lying on the floor stuffing a donut in her mouth, delivers one of my favourite movie lines ever.

It’s like a crime scene in my pants.

Instant hilarity. It’s like the filmmakers forgot that this truth that all women know is a total secret that we’re not supposed to talk about – and she just said right out loud! It’s funny ‘cos we’ve all been there (well, us ladies, anyway). And she’s so adorable.

I recommend going on YouTube to watch this scene, rather than renting the movie. Sorry, but I do.

"The Period Scene" from the film No Strings Attached

The other thing Adam brings Emma in the scene is a mix CD. A period mix CD. See? It’s funny, ‘cos in movies guys are supposed to pretend periods are revolting or they just don’t happen, but instead he’s being nice to her! Ya geddit?
The tracks on the CD are listed below. Enjoy!

1. Evenflow – Pearl Jam
2. The Tide Is High – Blondie
3. Red Red Wine – UB40
4. Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2
5. I’ve Got The World On A String – Frank Sinatra
6. Muddy River – Johnny Rivers
7. Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
8. Here Comes The Flood – Peter Gabriel
9. Red Rain – Peter Gabriel
10. Waterfalls – TLC
11. Red Red Rose – The Weepies
12. Red Tide – Neko Case
13. Why Does It Always Rain On Me – Travis
14. I Love You, Period – Dan Baird
15. Just A Girl – No Doubt
16. Here Comes The Rain – Eurythmics
17. Everybody Hurts – R.E.M.
18. Stormy Pinkness – They Might Be Giants
19. Time To Flow – D-Nice
20. Blood Is Thicker Than Water – Wyclef Jean featuring The Product G&B


*Provided that that person is a close female friend. Otherwise it’s a bit graphic and I don’t wanna inflict that on someone. (I find “I’ve got my period” suffices in those situations).

**Yes, this is a horrible generalisation. Yes, guys who don’t freak out about periods do exist and yes, I find them very attractive.

>> Many (many, many, many) words that people use for menstruation can be found here. Warning: surprisingly addictive

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Song: Sister Suffragette
Artist/Group: Glynis Johns

This is probably my favourite song from the 1964 Disney film Mary Poppins. I love it. I love Mrs. Banks, I love the tune, I love the lyrics. This is the song I sing in the shower when I’m in a good mood.

We’re clearly soldiers in petticoats
And dauntless crusaders for women’s votes

This song gets my feminist blood pumping. The fact that it’s an ironic pastiche of a feminist protest song doesn’t make any difference. Set in 1909, British women are still fighting for the right to vote. Darling Mrs. Banks with her fighting words and fists in the air.

Glynis Johns as Mrs. Banks

Though we adore men individually
We agree that as a group they’re rather stupid

Mrs. Banks is always out at rallies with armfuls of “VOTES FOR WOMEN” sashes, leaving her children with their nanny all day. She talks about visiting her fellow suffragettes in prison, throwing eggs at politicians and she sings her suffragette songs. But as soon as Mr. Banks gets home she is the archetypal doting housewife. One second she’s like “I’d love to stay but I must get to the rally and rejoin the fight for women’s rights” and then her husbands says “Winifred, I wish you’d stay” and she’s all “Oh yes, dear. Of course, dear.”

Votes for Women!

No more the meek and mild subservients we!
We’re fighting for our rights, militantly –
Never you fear!

When her husband’s away she’s such a radical with her fists in the air, marching the maid and the cook around the house and showing her knickers.

Votes for Women!

I used to watch this film when I was younger and although I enjoyed the song and the marching around and fists in the air, I don’t think I really understood much of the lyrics and none of the political context. The chorus was the only part I almost had down.

So, cast off the shackles of yesterday!
Leap shoulder to shoulder into the fray!
Our daughters’ daughters will adore us
And they’ll sing in grateful chorus
“Well done! Well done!
Well done, Sister Suffragette!”

If you’re ever in a good mood and want to do something fun just for the heck of it – punch your fist in the air and yell “Votes for Women!” This is equally hilarious if you’re completely alone or in the presence of unsuspecting strangers.

Mary Poppins Soundtrack

“Votes for Women!”

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Song: Already HomeThe Song of the Week
Artist/Group: Annabel Fay

This is my favourite song at the moment. Annabel Fay’s had some other good songs recently too – notably River and Show Me The Right Way – I reckon she’s one to watch (and listen to!).

Annabel Fay - www.annabelfay.co.nz !

I like songs with good lyrics, but even most of those don’t actually have much relevance to my life or my situation. I think this song really does.

Come run away
So far away
Let’s go find a place
No one knows where we are
I just feel like the relationship with the one person in your life would be so much easier if you could just go away to somewhere where no one else knows you or has any expectations of you or your relationship.
Let’s hit the road, ’cause
It don’t matter, no, boy, 
Doesn’t matter what my
Heart already knows
Things always seem so much simpler and easy when it’s just the two of you. Just the two of you doing what you want to do. Not having to worry about anyone else’s feelings or needs or expectations. Just doing what is right for you.
Just hit the road, cause 
It don’t matter: Trust, boy,
It’s all that matters
Trust gets a bad rap these days. It’s like as a concept it’s gone out of style and seems old-fashioned and prudish or something. But that’s silly. I think trust is important in every kind of relationship. It’s what gives you the confidence to relax and be yourself and to be happy.
Just as long as I’m alone
With you
I’m already home
It’s a really beautiful idea, that of being alone with someone else. Because when other people are there they ruin it a little, and when you’re alone you don’t really feel like yourself. It’s only when you’re with that other person that you feel like all you can be; you feel like you’re home.
It sounds stupid but it’s kind of like in the Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo says he’s going off alone and Sam’s like “of course you are – and I’m coming with you”. Being with that person isn’t like being with anyone else. It’s like being alone. Together. It’s home.
Annabel Fay: Show Me The Right Way

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I was doing some dishes yesterday (yes, it has be known to happen), and the only station that wasn’t ads was playing a new Rihanna song, something about “Can you get it up? Are you big enough? Give it to me baby, take it, take it”, and I’m not that hip at the best of times, but it was just too damn early for all that carry on. So I kept on searching and hello, “golden oldies”. Like seriously, we’re missing out. Those stations that play old music have way less ads, and DJs that just shut the hell up and play music! Hallelujah, it’s a revolution. And not all the songs totally suck.


The Song of the WeekSong: Even The Bad Times Are Good
Artist/Group: The Tremeloes

Yup, since this week was Valentine’s Day, here’s a nice romantic song by a band called The Tremeloes. Apparently, British record label Decca once auditioned 2 promising bands, The Tremeloes and a similar band called The Beatles. “In what is now considered one of the notorious blunders of all time”, Decca chose The Tremeloes. Darn, ay?

There are times in this life of mine,
I think that the sun forgot how to shine,
But as long as you’re always there,
It don’t bother me, ’cause why should I care?
When all I’ve gotta do, is run to you

Isn’t it weird how in songs from the ’60s there’s always lots of “laaa, la la” kinda stuff? I guess they just didn’t have all the studio effects that we do today :p It’s a bit of a change of pace and I kinda like it – maybe it’s the effect of all of the That 70s Show that I’ve been watching recently… I think the lyrics are cool. I mean, it’s no “can you get it up?”, but it’ll do.

Even the bad times are good,
As soon as I get to you, baby
You’ve just got to kiss me
And even the bad times are good.

This song was #4 on the UK singles chart in 1967 (#36 in the U.S.), and I heard the band’s still playing. I think I’ll just stick to YouTube and my golden oldies radio station, though, thanks.

The Tremeloes

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Song of the week: How Bizarre

The Song of the WeekSong: How Bizarre
Artist/Group: OMC

This week’s song is the 1996 hit How Bizarre by kiwi duo OMC. It’s one of those songs which, if you’re under 30 and grew up in NZ, you probably feel like you’ve always known. OMC stands for Otara Millionaire’s Club – which is a joke since, as most kiwis know, Otara is one of the poorest suburbs of South Auckland.

Brother Pele’s in the back
Sweet Sina’s in the front
Cruising down the freeway
In the hot, hot sun

How Bizarre reached number one in NZ, Australia, Canada and the UK. Because it is an awesome song. Lead singer Pauly Fuemana’s wicked kiwi accent makes this song, and the catchy chorus and laidback tune with the lively beat mean I won’t ever forget it. There’s a couple of things in the lyrics that struck me as weird for a kiwi song, like the use of the American “freeway” instead of “motorway” and the car being a Chevy – does the song actually take place in the U.S.? Does NZ have “marines”?? I don’t care! This song is all kiwi for me, baby.

Suddenly red ‘n’ blue lights
Flash us from behind
Loud voice booming,
“Please step out onto the line.”

Pele breathes words of comfort
Sina just hides her eyes
Policeman taps his shades,
“Is that a Chevy ’69?”

How bizarre.

The music video’s really funky, complete with beautiful polynesian styles (apart from the white chicks in short shorts and sparkly bras :p), a cruisy car and lots of driving on the lefthand side of the road! Check it out on Youtube and sing along with the lyrics.

Jump into the Chevy
Headed for big lights
Wanna know the rest? Hey-
Buy the rights.

I was thinking of using this song last week because of its awesome summery vibe, and I’ve chosen it this week in memory of OMC’s lead singer Pauly Fuemana, who passed away last Sunday, the 31st of January, “after a short illness”; he was 40 years old.

He’ll definately be missed.


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So today I viewed the hottest song released this year on a YouTube clip recommended to me by a friend. The clip is of 62 year old civil rights activist “General” Larry Platt, in an American Idol season 9 “audition” performing the song Pants on the Ground. Obviously his isn’t really a true audition in that they were never going to let him continue on the show, but I’m glad they gave him his 15 minutes. ‘Cause that song’s damn catchy. And true. You ARE lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground!!

Lookin’ like a fool with yo’ pants on the ground
Gold in yo’ mouth
Hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground
Call yourself a cool cat looking like a fool
Walkin’ down town
With yo’ pants on the ground!

 Also need to post a link to Amy Letinksy’s The Saga of Ceiling Cat. Because it’s awesome. LOLZ!1

Finally, another site from the ‘Cheezburger Network’, and this time there’s less cats! VeryDemotivational.com allows users to use a library of random images, or upload their own, to poke fun at those cheesy office motivational posters by creating their own, well, very demotivational posters (or just strange ones). Warning: although the site is (imho) hilarious, some of the pictures might be considered a bit naughty by some people. (Go see if you’re one of them! :P)



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