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Song: Already HomeThe Song of the Week
Artist/Group: Annabel Fay

This is my favourite song at the moment. Annabel Fay’s had some other good songs recently too – notably River and Show Me The Right Way – I reckon she’s one to watch (and listen to!).

Annabel Fay - www.annabelfay.co.nz !

I like songs with good lyrics, but even most of those don’t actually have much relevance to my life or my situation. I think this song really does.

Come run away
So far away
Let’s go find a place
No one knows where we are
I just feel like the relationship with the one person in your life would be so much easier if you could just go away to somewhere where no one else knows you or has any expectations of you or your relationship.
Let’s hit the road, ’cause
It don’t matter, no, boy, 
Doesn’t matter what my
Heart already knows
Things always seem so much simpler and easy when it’s just the two of you. Just the two of you doing what you want to do. Not having to worry about anyone else’s feelings or needs or expectations. Just doing what is right for you.
Just hit the road, cause 
It don’t matter: Trust, boy,
It’s all that matters
Trust gets a bad rap these days. It’s like as a concept it’s gone out of style and seems old-fashioned and prudish or something. But that’s silly. I think trust is important in every kind of relationship. It’s what gives you the confidence to relax and be yourself and to be happy.
Just as long as I’m alone
With you
I’m already home
It’s a really beautiful idea, that of being alone with someone else. Because when other people are there they ruin it a little, and when you’re alone you don’t really feel like yourself. It’s only when you’re with that other person that you feel like all you can be; you feel like you’re home.
It sounds stupid but it’s kind of like in the Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo says he’s going off alone and Sam’s like “of course you are – and I’m coming with you”. Being with that person isn’t like being with anyone else. It’s like being alone. Together. It’s home.
Annabel Fay: Show Me The Right Way

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