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I love words, I love language. So how could I not love books? And like lots of other people who love books, I love the idea of devoting part of my home to them in a beautiful and functional way.

Beautiful-Libraries.com is a collection of images of lots of different kinds of libraries.

From “Modest Home Libraries” to “Truly Grand Home Libraries”, “Celebrity Home Libraries”, “English Country House Libraries” and more, this website provides lots of inspiration for “what I’d do if I had the money” dreaming.

Looking through the website, I really like looking at all the different ways people store and display books in their home, even if it’s in a way I wouldn’t like to have in my home (or even if I think it’s really ugly!)

I think more than anything seeing all the images on the website of different styles of library helped me to realise what I like, and what I don’t.

I always dreamed of having a place dedicated to books and reading them.

I think if you bother to have a collection of books you love you should respect them and keep them in a place you love. Not a shelf in a thoroughfare or the back of the dining room (no matter how cute – see pic on left), but a special place where you can go, close the door, and be quiet with the books. Not just a place for storing books, but for enjoying them.


I think natural light is really important, too. And the view. I’d like my library to look out onto a secluded, green garden. In my head, my dream library was always at the top of a folly, like the modern one below (but higher :p).

The website’s curator provides a commentary for each of the images, with a tone which is sometimes amusing, and always deadly serious when it comes to book welfare.

About this ring bookcase from the “Unusual Home Libraries” section, the curator comments

A ring of books. There are dividers spaced inside the ring, both to hold it together and to prevent a total collapse of many books if one is removed from the sides, and there are feet on the whole structure, to prevent it from rolling across your foot as you attempt to remove a book. Perhaps it’s not dangerous and does not damage books terribly (although it might be hard to pull some of them out at the sides), but that’s hardly a ringing endorsement for a bookcase. An interesting idea, but a very inefficient use of space.

But for a fellow book lover, the website’s curator is sympathetic – and I love her/his final plea

There is something mysteriously appealing about this arrangement, even though it looks disorganized, probably dirty, damaging to books and likely even dangerous to people. It cannot be easy to find books in this system, let alone retrieve those on the bottom of the piles. But any compulsive book hunter can sympathize with the owner of these books – clearly he or she has simply run out of conventional shelving room. Please build more shelves!

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