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I was flicking through channels tonight and found a show on TV called Big Ideas for a Small Planet. As a show about sustainable/eco-friendly living I thought it was quite cool ‘cos it showcased designers and companies who actually utilise environmentall-friendly practises in their businesses every day.
One of the companies featured was Rerun Productions, a small business that makes lamps out of salvaged and repurposed materials. I say “one of the companies” but what was really featured was not the company but the Bewley family, who came across as a very friendly, close, “normal” family. Except that I guess most “normal” families don’t go into business together designing and selling eco-friendly art, do they?
Old propane tank
The show followed one of the men (sorry, have forgotten names!) as he visited various places to salvage materials like discarded wine bottles, brake rotors, propane tanks and computer parts. From these unlikely beginnings come stunning works of art that also serve a function in buyers’ homes. So much design, work and resources go into creating something like a break rotor or a propane tank, and it makes no sense at all to just discard them when they get old or something better comes along. There’s beauty there, and the Bewleys can see it.
Below is one of their designs made from the curved top and bottom of a propane tank, welded together after the middle section was removed.
Excalibur lamp - Bewleys Rerun Productions

'Excalibur lamp' (aka Propane lamp) from Bewleys Rerun Productions

The show also showed mum Bewley (Jan) making the eco-friendly lamp shades which looked like a very fun (read: messy) process. According to the company’s website

Our lamps and furnishings are around 80% recycled, being comprised of salvaged materials , including brake rotors, guitar strings, piano strings, computer parts, propane tanks, reclaimed woods, and just about any other usable scrap parts.

I can’t see any prices in the website’s gallery, but on the TV show they said pieces cost around US$150-800. That’s a lot, but these are both pieces of art and quality household objects which will be the antiques of the future. I say, if you’ve got the money and are looking to decorate your home with nondisposable furniture, then this’d be a great way to spend it!

Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier from Bewleys Rerun Productions

'Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier' from Bewleys Rerun Productions

I’ve reserved a place in the entrance to my dream house for the Rcycled Wine Bottle Chandelier. Colours and light!

It looks like the 15min segment on Rerun Productions from Big Ideas for a Small Planet is featured on their website. Worth a watch just to see the raw selvaged materials transformed into stunning objects of want.

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