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I have to post about this new film blog I heard about on Campbell Live the other night. The blog is called Nanna Goes to the Pictures and is written by “Nanna”, an Auckland film-goer in her “twilight years”. Campbell Live‘s just taken her on as a film reviewer on their show, but I think reading her reviews on her blog is convenient and amusing. I like that her reviews aren’t too long and rambling (like my own movie posts are) and she’s not afraid to give her real opinion. Unlike my grandma she loves all kinds of films – her last reviews were of Precious, Invictus and Valentine’s Day – and each film is rated out of 5 stars balls of wool. My only complaint is that she often gives away the end of films, so watch out for that.

I think the blog’s maintained by her granddaughter, possibly? And has a lovely clean layout and includes images for each film.

I give this site 5 balls of wool out of 5. (Sorry, Nanna, I couldn’t resist! :D)

New film blog!

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Some fun links

I forgot to post that Todd over at The Daily Bubble Tea is now posting a ‘daily photo’ on his blog. Every day! 😛 I think this is a crazy great idea because Todd takes crazy great photos. Of everyday awesome things in Taiwan! I was relieved to see that he still does do his normal posts as well, since I love reading his commentaries along with the pics sometimes.

Also, came across this great poem at pviel’s weblog about old marbles, it’s called Marbles Are Free. I love marbles.


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Oh my gosh! I just found out that Todd from The Daily Bubble Tea has posted his “official” wedding photos on his blog! Get ready for fun, beauty and cuteness by the bucket load. I will never stop gushing about how awesome Todd’s blog is. Open, interesting, funny, clever and with freakin’ beautiful pictures. I’m talking really good. You should go there.

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Hodge Podge! Crafts! Yay!

I have got to post a link to this blog before I forget – A Hodge Podge of Crafts… is a blog by the amazing loves2experiment. Why amazing? Because this chick can make anything! And does! From rubber stamps to intricate jewellery, to accesories, lace, sewing, beading, embroidery, dyeing, painting, knitting… pretty much anything. I can not believe how many things this girl can create! And they’re all so awesome!!! Go visit her blog and try telling me you don’t have the sudden urge to make something. The blog consists entirely of craft-related posts and is stocked full of gorgeous pics of items she has made/bought/received. I would love to make half of the things she’s got on there, but wouldn’t even know where to start! I love that they’re all really useful and unique but funky. If she opened a shop I don’t think I would have any choice but to shop there. It’s like she can just look at something and know how to make it… wowzers.

Go. See. Marvel.


(I didn’t want to use her pics without permisson, so the above are just some random “crafty” pics, lol :P)

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Teh cool

Before I forget I want to post a link to MissHelen’s Weblog! You know how the idea of a blog is sort of like a diary, letting you have a glimpse into the lives of different people, but cooler because of the pictures, links etc, but they never really turn out that way? Let’s face it, most are just emo poems, technical/political/scientific(/insert field you’re absolutely uninterested in here) logs or blogs that start out great but haven’t been updated in 3 years. But not this lady’s, oh no! It is cool! MissHelen is an English girl working for an “international development charity” in Cambodia destroying landmines! For realz. That is seriously cool. Not only does that already make her a strong, generous person, she is also very pretty and very lovely. It’s just awesome reading about the experiences of someone who’s actually out there doing it! Good on you, MissHelen. 加油!

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K-Pop, anyone?

Heehee, as if to prove my point from yesterday, today I came across iKUKKIEZ : Talk Play LOVE, a blog by a fan of Korean idols living in Thailand. She sure knows her stuff and is really dedicated to her idols! This blog has only been around for a month or two but already there are links, video clips, animations and pictures. She has the crazed fangirl thing going on, but with a touch of sweetness that makes her posts fun to read even if you don’t have any idea who she’s talking about. Reading her blog reminds be of bygone days of my own fangirliness

I always love the boys with gloves; gloves are hot OK? Jaejoong and his chest.. akjdfaklsdjkfk! And YES! They are all ARMS this time. YES ARMS CANDYYYY! :DDD

What a cutie! I’m not so into the K-pop scene, but it’s really unusual to get such a great blog in ENGLISH! So if you’re into teh pretty Korean boyz (or girls), you should head over there, it will make your day.

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I stumbled across a great blog today – Everyday Stuff, by Leena. Read her blog to find out more – she writes interesting posts about her life and is a keen “scrapper” (scrapbooker) – with mad scrapping skillz – and a budding photographer and photoshopper. Also, her son Ethan is the cutest thing since Julie.

I’ve always wanted to get into scrapping but it looks pretty hard and it takes so much time – I have enough trouble with photo albums! More power to you, Leena!

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